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      The Centre for Surgil Invention and Innovation

      The Centre for Surgil Invention and Innovation (CSii) is a National Centre of Excellence research accelerator committed to enhancing the quality and access to healthre for all nadians through the development and commercialization of innovative medil robotic technologies and novel techniques. CSii is leveraging nadian expertise in minimal access surgery and space technology to build a legacy industry that will create high tech jobs, strengthen the economy and create better medil outcomes.


      Save the Date

      The 2021 Innovation Nation Conference will be held on Sunday, January 31at LIUNA Station in Hamilton, ON

      For information or register online visit: innovation-nation.. More information when available.

      Students Showse participants register here.

      Benefits for Humanity: Fighting ncer from Space

      Robotic technology originally designed for the International Space Station is finding its way into healthre by targeting breast ncer tumors.

      In 2016 CSII launched Insight Medbotics in partnership with MDA. Read more here

      Dr. Mehran Anvari, Scientific Director, CSii, interview on NASA TV


      IGAR in the News


      An image-guided automated robot from MRI breast biopsy in THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MEDIL ROBOTICS AND COMPUTER ASSISTED SURGERY Int J Med Robotics Comput Assist Surg 2016 Published online in Wiley Online Library (wileyonlinelibrary.com) DOI; 10.1002/res.1760 ORIGINAL ARTICLE

      Read the article



      NASA ISS R&D 2015 Innovation Award - Presented to Dr. Mehran Anvari, July 7, 2015, Boston, Massachusetts.
      Dr. Mehran Anvari was presented with an award for innovation in Biology and Medicine for his work with Image-Guided Automated Robot (IGAR) at the NASA -International Space Station Research and Development Awards, Boston, Massachusetts. ? ?This is a nice recognition of almost 20 years of work,” said Anvari. “It recognizes an incredible team of talented people including engineers, technicians, doctors and astronauts who have helped develop this technology. We believe this technology will improve efficiency in the health re system by streamlining clinil workflow and allowing highly-skilled radiologists to extend their re to a wider population through teleoperation.”





      nadian Space Agency

      CBC's The National, Remarkable nadarm, "Technology is being deployed for Breast ncer Surgery"

      Hamilton's?CHCH TV, "October means Breast ncer Awareness Month"





      Bariatric Registry


      CSii News Features.

      Read More

      2016 Innovation Nation Conference - Keynote Speakers

      2020 Innovation Nation Conference
      See speakers

      Ontario-based Bariatric Registry project

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